GET api/v1/cpe/categories

Get a list of different router categories

GET api/v1/cpe/categories/{category}/items

Get a list of CPE items

GET api/v1/cpe/{cpeId}/skus

Get a list of CPE SKUs


GET api/v1/tariffs

Get a list of Tariffs

GET api/v1/tariffs/{id}/boltons

Get a list of Tariff Bolt-Ons available for the specific Tariff


GET api/v1/customers

Get a list of customers for the given reseller

GET api/v1/customers/{id}

Get a single customer that belongs to a reseller by ID

GET api/v1/customers/{id}/sims/

Get a list of SIMs that are associated to a customer

POST api/v1/customers

Create a customer

POST api/v1/customers/{id}/sims/{simid}

Assign a SIM to the given customer

DELETE api/v1/customers/{id}

Delete a customer

DELETE api/v1/customers/{id}/sims/{simid}

Unassign a SIM to remove from the given customer

PATCH api/v1/customers/{id}/Update

Updates a customer


GET api/v1/pools/{id}

Get a pool

GET api/v1/pools

Get a list of pools

GET api/v1/pools/{id}/usage

Get the usage of a pool this month

GET api/v1/pools/{id}/sims

Get a list of sims using this pool


GET api/v1/devices/{id}/device

Get a single device

GET api/v1/devices

Get a list of devices that belongs to a customer. Parameters are completely optional


GET api/v1/sims

Get a list of SIMs for the current reseller

GET api/v1/sims/{id}

Get a single SIM

GET api/v1/sims/{id}/checkpac

Checks the PAC code against the network if the given SIM exists

PUT api/v1/sims/{id}/update

Update SIM details


GET api/v1/orders

Get a list of orders

GET api/v1/orders/{id}

Get a single order

POST api/v1/orders/activation

Create an order to activate a given SIM

POST api/v1/orders/bolton

Create a Bolt-On order for the given SIM

POST api/v1/orders/cease

Create a Cease order for the given SIM

POST api/v1/orders/bar

Create a BAR order which temporarily suspends and stops GPRS traffic on the given SIM

POST api/v1/orders/fullbar

Create a Full Bar order which temporarily suspends and stops GPRS traffic on the given SIM, calls and messaging. O2 and Vodafone SIMs only (not LP-WAN).

POST api/v1/orders/unbar

Create a UnBAR order to unsuspend a SIM

POST api/v1/orders/simswap

Create a Sim Swap order

POST api/v1/orders/tarrifchange

Create a Tariff Change order which moves the tariff for a given SIM to a new tariff

POST api/v1/orders/cpe

Create a CPE order

POST api/v1/orders/{id}/cancel

Cancels an order only if its current state is pending, stalled or open. Complete and failed orders cannot be cancelled